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Heyo, Welcome to My New Site!

I just finished rebuilding this site with 11ty and hosting it on Netlify's starter tier. This means, besides domain renewals, the cost to run this is now totally $0.

Build a REST API with Node, Express & MongoDB!

In this project we will be creating a way for people to subscribe, update, retrieve and delete data on Youtube accounts. We’ll do this by coding a REST API that lets users interact with our Youtube database by defining what info our database will accept and how it goes about manipulating that data depending on what a user would like to do.

Starting a Youtube Coding Series

After writing up my last tutorial, I started toying with the idea that creating a Youtube tutorial might be a bit quicker and easier way to approach coding tutorials.

Minimalism: A New Pursuit

I've never been one to acquire an abundance of things. I still drive the first car I've ever owned, a 1999 Toyota Camry. I've only had 4 phones total...

Learning Code While Working a Full Time Job

This is about my journey of learning how to code while also maintaining a full-time job. Spoiler, its hard as hell and the burn-out is super easy...

Building My First App: The Process

A ton of beginners believe that they need to learn an immense amount of code before they can ever build anything useful. I've felt like that before, hell I still get that feeling of extreme self-doubt...