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Legacy without Ego

I’ve been thinking a lot more about what I’d like to leave behind for future generations. Big opening statement I know, but it’s been something that’s occupied more and more of my thoughts as I get older. I just turned 30, which obviously still puts me with plenty of time left in life to accomplish things but I am looking at it with a sense of urgency, whether that is bad or good...

Analysis: My First Year as a Developer

I officially hit my year anniversary as a web application developer back in September. It’s one of those years that felt like it flew by but also dragged on seemingly forever. The amount of things I’ve learned this year already out-paces my 2 other jobs in sales and marketing combined. Most jobs I’ve had...

Heyo, Welcome to My New Site!

I just finished rebuilding this site with 11ty and hosting it on Netlify's starter tier. This means, besides domain renewals, the cost to run this is now totally $0.

Build a REST API with Node, Express & MongoDB!

In this project we will be creating a way for people to subscribe, update, retrieve and delete data on Youtube accounts. We’ll do this by coding a REST API that lets users interact with our Youtube database by defining what info our database will accept and how it goes about manipulating that data depending on what a user would like to do.

Starting a Youtube Coding Series

After writing up my last tutorial, I started toying with the idea that creating a Youtube tutorial might be a bit quicker and easier way to approach coding tutorials.

Minimalism: A New Pursuit

I've never been one to acquire an abundance of things. I still drive the first car I've ever owned, a 1999 Toyota Camry. I've only had 4 phones total...

Learning Code While Working a Full Time Job

This is about my journey of learning how to code while also maintaining a full-time job. Spoiler, its hard as hell and the burn-out is super easy...

Building My First App: The Process

A ton of beginners believe that they need to learn an immense amount of code before they can ever build anything useful. I've felt like that before, hell I still get that feeling of extreme self-doubt...